Ball screw characteristics
1.High reliability SURELEN has accumulated many years experience in production managing. It covers the whole production sequence, from receiving the order, designing, material preparation, machining, heat treating, grinding, assembling, inspection, packaging and delivery. The systemized managing ensures high reliability of SURELEN Ballscrews.
2.High accuracy PMI Ballscrews are machined, ground, assembled and Q.C. inspected under the constant temperature control (20℃) to ensure high precision of Ballscrews.
3.Long durability SURELEN’Ballscrews are made of Perfect steels, which are well quenching and tempering treated for good rigidity, along with suitable surface hardening to ensure long durability.
4.High working eciency Balls are rotating inside the Ballscrew  nut to oer high working eciency. Comparing  with the traditional ACME screws, which work by friction sliding between the nut and screw, the ball-lscrews needs only 1/3 of driving torque. It is easy to transmit linear motion into rotation motion.
5.No backlash and with high rigidity The Gothic prole is applied by PMI Ballscrews. It oers best contact between balls and the grooves. If suitable preload is exerted on Ballscrew hence to eliminate clearance between the ball nut and screw and to reduce elastic deformation, the ballscrew shall get much better rigidity and accuracy.