Developing History

In Nov.2020        won the honor of national high-tech enterprise

In Oct. 2020        the world’s top high-precision CNC lathes and profilers were introduced

In Dec.2019        a compound transmission device obtained an invention patent

In Aug.2018        successfully developed AGV ball screw (load 1000Kg) for internationally renowned companies

In Oct.2017         won the second prize of advanced individual in the rolling function component industry

In Feb. 2016        Joined Shanghai Robot Industry Association

In Feb. 2015        Ball screw torque, load test machine developed successfully

In Jan. 2015        Join the Shanghai Robot Industry Association

In May. 2014       PPC high dust development success, and made the invention patent

In Mar. 2014        High speed and low noise ball screw development is successful

January. 2014      PPC dust test machine developed successfully

In Oct. 2013        The ball screw with Heavy load and low torque developed Successfully

In Aug. 2013        The Miniature ballscrew with heavy  load developed successfully

In Jun. 2013         Surelen Inspection Center building is put into use

In Dec. 2012        Surelen was awarded a “Technology Innovation  Awards” from year 2011-2012 in jiading District,  Shanghai

In Nov. 2012        The company ‘s comprehensive office building was completed and opened

In Jul. 2012          My company made PPC linear guide in mainland China regional distributor

In Nov. 2011        US Konito company and our company to establish a partnership to provide high-carrying ball screw

In Nov. 2011        Construction area of ​​7450 square meters of the company’s office building foundation

In Oct. 2011         US Phillips company chairman to our company to discuss cooperation, feasibility memorandum

In Jul. 2010           Independent research and development manufacturing CNC thread grinder accuracy reached the international advanced level C2 level, and put into production line

In Nov. 2009        Joined the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce

In Oct. 2009         The company invested in the development of CNC thread grinder

In Jul. 2009           Italian company Jim led to visit our company, to discuss cooperation

In Jul. 2008           Through the TUV company ISO / TS 16949: 2009 international quality system certification

In May. 2008         Germany SGM company leaders came to our company inspection, to discuss cooperation

In Aug. 2007          Surelen established a business relationship with ABB , and the ballscrew began being used on ABB industrial robot

In Jan. 2007           For the United States Ou Maike company successfully developed CNC high-load roller pull the ball screw

In Oct. 2006           He joined the China Machine Tool Industry Association as a director unit of rolling function

In May. 2006          Independent development and manufacture of the first thread grinder into the production line

In Apr. 2006           The company marketing headquarters was established

In Sep. 2005           won the “China Ball screw vice top ten famous brand” honorary title

In Aug. 2005           For the Japanese island industry Co., Ltd. successfully developed a nut rotary ball screw

In May. 2005          The company invested in the development of thread grinder

In Mar. 2005           Won the “national product quality integrity business model unit” honorary title

In Dec. 2004           Trough won the China Machinery General Parts Industry Association Excellence Award

In Jun. 2004            The trough was successfully developed and put into mass production

In Apr. 2004            The Miniature ballscrew was developed successfully and put into mass production

In. 2003                  He joined the China Machinery General Parts Industry Association

In July. 2003           The large lead ball screw was developed and put into mass production

In Dec. 2002           Joined the National Fastener Standardization Technical Committee editorial board members

In Dec. 2002           The second phase of the company 5000 square meters standard factory started construction

In Dec. 2002           The second phase of new worshop  was under construction

In Oct. 2002           Certified by TUV for ISO9001:2000

In May. 2001          The elasticity of the roll was successfully developed and put into mass production

In Jan. 2000            The company renamed to Shanghai Surelen precison Mechanical Accessories co,Ltd

In Dec. 1999           Factory  of 18Mu of land was constructed in jiading District ,Shanghai

In Oct. 1998            Wire thread sets developed successfully and patented

In Sep. 1997            Surelen Hardware Mechanical and Electrical Co.LTD was  established(formerly)