PPC characteristic
The ball rows are rolled along the circular grooves of the rails and sliders, which are machined by a dedicated high-precision grinding machine, and circulated through the end caps assembled on the slider. As the ball is made of stainless steel cage constraints, pull out the slider from the rail, the ball will not fall off.
The four rows of balls are designed to have a 45 ° contact angle, and the slider is subjected to four directions (radial, anti-radial, transverse) with the same rated load, and the same guide rail is applied with a preload load equal to maintain a lower friction Coefficient, but also to strengthen the four directions of rigidity.
The cross-section of the guide rail is low, and the optimized design of the slider ensures high rigidity, thus achieving stable high load, high speed and high precision linear motion.
1.Equal loading capacity in all directions 3.Long life with high motion accuracy
With this special ,these linear gudes can take loads in either the vertical or horizontal directions. Conventional linear slides can only take small loads in the direction parallel to the contact surface. They are also more likely to become inaccurate when they are subjected to these loads. With a traditional slide, errors in accuracy are caused by the counter flow of the oil film. Insufficient lubrication causeswear between the contact surfaces, whichbecome increasingly  inaccurate. In contrast,rolling contact has little wear, therefore, machines can achieve a long life with highiy accurate motion.
2.Rigidity 4.Automatic adjustment
When using alinear guide system,it is necessary to select a type and a clearance (preload) that meet the service conditions in order to achieve the required rigidity of the machine/equipment. A high degree of automatic adjustment, in the application of preload state, it is easy installation to improve the movement accuracy of the machine to maintain a smooth linear motion.